Beef Ordering FAQ

Since we process our beef when a whole beef has been ordered, our ordering process is a reservation process which puts your order in the sequence that it is received.  Depending on the number of orders pending, we try to group our order geographically to minimize the cost of delivery.  In all cases, we try to deliver beef as soon as possible depending on readiness of the beef, processing schedules and your personal schedule.

Estimating the final cost of your beef share

The cost of our beef is composed of the beef, the processing, and delivery.  Assume a charge for beef of $4.92 per pound (the current charge is listed on the order page) for a whole, half, or quarter beef.  This price includes the beef and processing.  Delivery is $35 per quarter with a maximum charge of $70 for delivery any where in Oklahoma or North Texas.  If you wish to pick up your beef from our processor, we will discount the delivery charge 50%.  We require that we be present when you pick up the beef.  Since we don’t know what the beef price will be until processing, we ask a reservation fee which includes a fee based upon the size ordered.   The total cost will be calculated when we process and ascertain the hanging weight of the beef when it is put in for aging.  Therefore, assuming that the hanging weight is 680 pounds, and the accompanying delivery charge, the following costs and payments for the different beef portions would apply.

Portion Size of 600 lbs. hanging Beef and processing  cost Delivery charge


Approximate delivered weight (in pounds)
















So as you order, be aware of the differences in cost, depending on the hanging weight, your location, and whether you wish to have patties.

What You Get In an Order

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