Who we are

Red River Beef: Who we are

Red River Beef purchases live cattle for our customers from our cattle company, Aird M’hor Ranches, and other grass fed beef producers. Aird M’hor is our small cattle ranch in southern Oklahoma in the Red River Valley of Oklahoma and Texas, a place we call Texoma – one of the best places to raise cattle in the country. Aird M’hor is dedicated to raising healthful grass-fed beef – which we call nature’s beef. Our goal is to raise our natural and healthful beef at a reasonable cost to the buyer.

When I was growing up in Texas, I worked on a ranch which raised beef in the traditional way – taking whatever nature offered. After 40 years, our family has returned to raising cattle in the same natural way. As a producer of grass-fed beef, we have researched the best practices for grass-fed and finished beef, and the best breeds of cattle which will excel on grass, alfalfa, and clovers to produce beef which will be tender, flavorful, and healthful.

As you view the information, we think you will find Red River Beef to be your place to obtain Texoma’s natural beef for your whole family; directly from a producer who cares for high quality food that Texoma and nature provide direct to you.


Red River Beef Inc is a BBB Accredited Meat Broker in Roff, OK