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Notes about Ordering:

  • Reservation fees are non-refundable
  • Your fee amount is applied to the final order total
  • For wholesale beef, your total beef cost will be calculated at our current price of $5.49/lb for the “hanging weight”.   
  • For retail cuts, the prices on our ordering page are per pound weighed.  
  • Click for more information in our Ordering Beef FAQ
  • See below for a summary of how ordering beef works

You have two options when ordering Red River Beef:

  1. You can either reserve Culinary beef which is all the cuts of beef in 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef options. (If you require more call Red River Beef at 580-399-8423. In addition, you have the option of reserving additional ground beef, through the Red River Beef Market program.
  2. Alternatively, you can reserve only Red River Ground Beef as a member of our Red River Market. This order is exclusively for ground beef. To join the Red River Market, you will be ask to remit an annual membership fee of $100. In return, you can reserve as much ground beef as you require for the season, which will be delivered on scheduled dates in Lawton, Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, or Aird M’hor Ranch in Fitzhugh.

Our reservation season runs from January 1 through June 15. Our beef delivery season runs from June 1 to November l, with scheduled dates for the Red River Beef Markets in Lawton, Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, or Aird M’hor Ranch in Fitzhugh.

For Red River Beef Market for 2015, you will receive 10 pounds of ground beef with your membership. Additional Red River Beef Ground Beef is $7.50 per pound.

Two ways to shop:
Bulk orders of beef in portions of
whole beef, 1/2 beef, and 1/4 beef shares
A smaller amount of high quality grass-fed beef
Reservation for annual ground beef

This is currently out of stock.

A quarter beef requires approximately
4 cubic feet of freezer space.

A whole beef can feed a family of four for a year.
Our culinary beef is a Red River Beef cut which has an apportioned share of steaks, roasts, brisket, and ground beef. For orders or 1/2 beef or larger, we offer a custom cut to your specifications, at no additional cost.

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Ground beef
Price per pound - $7.50

For ground beef for our exclusive Red River Market customers, we will publish dates and locations for delivery in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Broken Arrow on our website and on the Red River Beef Facebook page. We will be available to provide ground beef at Aird M’hor ranch in Fitzhugh with sufficient notification.

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Red River Beef Inc is a BBB Accredited Meat Broker in Roff, OK Certified Member 0383 by the American Grassfed Association